As lighting design consultants, we offer a diverse range of professional services to realise our clients’ vision in providing them unique lighting design that meets their budget and timeline

Full Lighting Design

Concept Design Stage
Meetings with key design stakeholders to define the project requirements and design brief on lighting design. Providing preliminary layout indicating the type of lights with the preliminary budget.

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Design Development Stage
Refine, develop and transcript the concept design into layout plans, lighting schedules, load schedules, control schedules, specification, lighting control systems and recommending the budget based on the refined design.

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Tender Documents and Evaluation Stage
Finalisation of the lighting package and documentations for tender including the pre-tender estimate based on the final design. Professional report on evaluation of tender returns for client to make decision and recommendation.

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Construction and Commissioning Stage
Our team maintains regular communication with all relevant parties and perform periodic site visits to ensure the design intent is achieved as well as advising and responding to the technical queries from contractor Our team also assist on the testing and commissioning stage, final adjustments, and see through the programming of lighting equipment. Final inspection will be carried out and a recommendation of completion will then be issued to the client for handover.

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Consulting/Review Services

Swang Space able to provide value added consultation or review services to Client and projects that requires an independent advice on the lighting design and lighting documentations proposed by the Client’s appointed party (i.e architect, landscape architect, interior designer, electrical consultant, electrical contractor, design & build contractor, light supplier, etc).


This collaborative process allows the project to benefit from our creativity, experience and technical knowledge for improvement and enhancement without incurring the expense of a full scope of services.

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We offer a holistic lighting consultancy right from the planning stage of a project through interior, exterior, façade lighting design to the construction and the commissioning stages. 

  • Feasibility/survey/planning stage
  • Concept design
  • Design Development for Tender 
  • Detailed Design for Construction
  • Construction and implementation
  • Programming, final adjustments and handover


Swang Space recognizes that good lighting design does not only mean economical, practical, and environmentally friendly solutions.  It also amplifies emotions, enhance productivity, wellbeing, and avoid workplace accidents. 

We also ensure that our lighting solutions contributes to sustainability not only for our clients but also for our communities, cities, and our future generations.


We love working with diverse range of projects that involves lighting. Whether it is a large scale or a small-scale project, our team is delighted to provide you with a creative design.

  • Residential
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial buildings
  • Retail 
  • Public Spaces
  • Arts
  • Educational Institution
  • Sports


Lighting Design is made up of both Arts & Science. At Swang Space we are happy to assist our clients with a wide range of lighting matters. 

  • Lighting design
  • Light modelling
  • Lighting audits 
  • Lighting controls 
  • Lighting refurbishments
  • Road lighting 
  • Sports lighting
  • Sustainable/Smart lighting 

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